The Berry Amendment. DWT. Load line. Marlin-class. The Jones Act. Response boats. OEMs. Superyachts. Lloyd's Register and other marine classification and certification bodies. ISO 9001. We understand this world. Maritime is an area of focus for our company. View research and study excerpts.


Extensive grant writing experience supports the endeavors of our friends engaged in organic viticulture. The most recent grant began with research and advice from UC Davis and Oregon State University. Soil tests. Clearing land. Locating the perfect vines and planting on Earth Day. Creating trellises. Hand tending.

Adventure Tourism

Writing into the spotlight a vanishing nature, we help support unique, eco-friendly adventure opportunities that may not exist in the future as an administration determined to ignore climate change and roll back essential environmental policies diminishes the EPA's vital role and challenges scientific fact.

Rural Life

This is the kind of silence that can be deafening. Void of noise pollution, nature's sounds take center stage. Crickets begin to play their tiny leg violins just as the sun vanishes, and the frogs - not to be outdone - add to the chorus in tenor croaks. Creeks flow from higher altitude and distant howls seek companionship.

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