Good Global Citizenship Requires Focused Engagement

A wolf uses her voice with intention. She doesn't merely exist in her surroundings. She absorbs her environment. Her keen senses are cued to take in everything; ears rapidly rotate toward the minutest sound - the invisible rat scurrying between the wave-washed rocks; she lifts her nose into the fog - body motionless as she digests the scent of spring blue jeans blooms (Holly Leaf Mountain Lilac). Her eyes catch the slightest movement as the night heron silently swivels his neck to follow her with his gaze.


The wolf intends to do more than survive. She works to thrive. At The Cotton Wolf Company we apply our journalistic skills in confidence our world can still thrive. We question everything. We research and learn and seek to connect facts; to shine light on social injustices. We work to be the best versions of ourselves. We write because we care.




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