About Acoustic Ecoadventuring 

with Cotton Wolf

Cotton Wolf is running on a new plane of existence now, but her inspiration echos in our ears every day.


Leaning on the lessons she taught us and channeling her adventuresome spirit, we've combined our lived experiences and are doing what we love.


Based in the Pacific Northwest, Cotton Wolf is a tiny acoustics-centered ecoadventuring company working from the vantage point of social purpose. We are focused on guiding others (and ourselves) through discoveries of our more-than-human world using sound. Some people refer to these sorts of experiences as soundwalks, but we create outings that are acoustic adventures and listening journeys.


What is the sonic story of a Place? How can we locate compassion for self, for others, for our Earth home as we listen? Where does interconnectedness dwell? Journey with us and unravel audible mysteries.


Both programmed outings and custom adventures are available (suggested donations are welcomed). We supply the listening equipment, and listening journals. For full-day and multi-day adventures, we take care of provisioning. 

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