Imbolc Acoustic Ecoadventures

Twilight falls with a greater pause, the soil warms, and animals emerge from winter slumber to sniff the air. Buds and bulbs gather energies safely stored, and greet the sky. 

Sychronized starlings perform Shakespearean sky theater through diffused evening light over the bay, their murmurations hints of the tales known best by the bards. 

A gentle walk through an urban environment, from the water's edge, past the regrades that reshaped the city, through three different parks, considering the emergent sounds. In this experience, we seek to establish a neutral understanding of the anthropogenic noise that often overtakes biological and geological sounds in city life; not judging sounds as good or bad encourages connections with Place. What are the reasons for the human-caused sounds? What do they mean to us, and what do they elicit on a personal level?



To reserve an acoustic ecoadventure, please visit the Calendar page to select your adventure and its date, then place this information in the Contact page. You will receive a confirmation within 24 hours. 

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